Swiss Chard and Chipotle Tacos
Helen Rosner

A relative of the beet, chard is a mellow, earthy green that peaks from June through October. Both the leaves and stems, which are often vibrantly colored, are edible. From vegetarian tacos to a hearty gratin, we’ve collected some of our favorite ways to prepare this versatile vegetable.

The earthiness of chard is great in creamy dishes. For a variation on creamed spinach, use chard and gorgonzola. Or try our sardine and Swiss chard gratin, in which sardines and chard are layered with a Gruyère cream sauce and baked under a crunchy layer of bread crumbs.

For something lighter, try our Swiss chard and chipotle tacos. To make the filling, wilted chard is mixed with onions, mushrooms, corn, and chipotles in adobo.

Find these dishes and more in our collection of our favorite Swiss chard recipes.


Sardine and Swiss Chard Gratin

This casserole combines sardines with a creamy Swiss chard and a layer of crunchy bread crumbs.

Swiss Chard with Potatoes (Blitva)

Garlicky hunks of potato are mixed with wilted Swiss chard in this quick Croatian side dish.

Swiss Chard and Cheese Dumplings (Strozzapreti)

In Corsica, these herb-packed cheese dumplings showcase the wild greens of the island and make a great starter course to a summer meal.

Creamed Swiss Chard with Gorgonzola, Rye Bread Crumbs, and Walnuts

In this bulked-up version of the classic side dish creamed spinach, chard replaces spinach and Gorgonzola adds depth and a creamier texture.

Eastertide Tart (Torta Pasqualina)

This epic Genoese tart, filled with swiss chard, was traditionally made with 33 layers of dough—one for each year of Christ’s life.

Fennel and Herb Phyllo Pastries (Hortopita)

These Greek pastries unite a buttery crust with bright-tasting fennel and feta cheese. Get the recipe for Fennel and Herb Phyllo Pastries (Hortopita)»