Don’t overlook the quality of turnips and parsnips: hearty, nutritious vegetables that have carried cultures through harsh winters since Greek antiquity. We love parsnips for their mellow sweetness, and whether roasted, pur&#233ed or baked into a souffl&#233, these roots bring their mild, unique flavor as both an accompaniment and as the star of many dishes.

See the Recipe Christopher Hirsheimer
See the Recipe Ben Fink
This recipe is borrowed from: Sally Clarke’s Book: A Restaurant, Shop and Bakery (Mc Millian). Sally Clarke is a top chef and restaurateur in London. See the Honey-Roasted Belgian Endives and Parsnips Recipe Martin Brigdale
See the Recipe André Baranowski
Turnips with Yogurt and Tomatoes
Marinating turnips in salted yogurt draws out their excess moisture. Ben Fink
Serve this mash with pork sausages, if you like. See the recipe for Turnip-Potato Puree » Ben Fink
See the Recipe Ben Fink
See the Recipe Ben Fink
See the Recipe Ben Fink
See the Recipe Ben Fink
The recipe for this elegant fish soup was inspired by the version served at Kitcho, the legendary Kyoto restaurant. The soup’s deeply flavored broth, called dashi, gets its boost of umami flavor from kombu seaweed (a type of kelp) and dried bonito flakes, two staples of the Japanese pantry. See the recipe for Tai Kabura (Sea Bream and Turnip Hot Pot) » Kenji Miura
Sweetbreads with Chestnuts and Parsnips
This elegant preparation of poached and pan-seared sweetbreads served over wilted escarole with a port wine–cream sauce, comes from Boston chef Barbara Lynch. Todd Coleman
Bacon and charred tomatoes bring smoky sweetness to turnips cooked in goose fat. See the recipe for Turnips with Candied Bacon » Todd Coleman
Rich lamb meat and bacon are natural matches for spicy, fragrant wine, and the wine’s bright fruit complements the dish’s parsnips and fennel. Todd Coleman
Cumin-roasted carrots and parnsips
Toasted cumin seeds, mint, and lime juice intensify the sweetness of simple baked root vegetables. Helen Rosner