Ice Tools

The best tools for making perfect cocktail ice

By Camper English

Published on May 8, 2014

1 Chisel A simple hardware store find, a beveled wood chisel is good for splitting large blocks of ice.

2 Anvil Ice Pick A shorter, heavier, sturdier pick gives more control for cutting and shaping ice.

3 Spherical Ice Mold This silicone mold is an easy shortcut to making spheres. It can, however, result in ice that is cloudy in the center.

4 Ice Crusher Place cubes in this turn-crank tool to easily break them into crushed or cracked ice without a mess.

5 Mallet Use this to hammer the top of a pick or chisel that is inserted into a scored line in an ice block to cleave it into smaller pieces, or wield it to smash cubes wrapped in canvas or cloth into cobblestones and crushed ice.

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