One Good Find: Olive Oil Taster

A beautifully shaped spout for drizzling the perfect amount of oil

byCamille Rankin| PUBLISHED Oct 15, 2014 4:00 AM
One Good Find: Olive Oil Taster

Everyone at the SAVEUR office knows that I'm an olive oil freak—I use it almost daily on everything from salads to soups to steak. And I've been a fan of Alessi's stainless steel designs for years. So this item from the Italian company, designed by Marta Sansoni, was bound to strike my fancy. Called the fior d'olio, it's a bottle spout made to resemble an olive stem that makes drizzling finishing oils easy—letting you pour only the exact amount desired—that can also be used as a cover for the green resin tasting cup that's included. Whether you keep it in the kitchen or bring it to the table, the spout adds a stylish touch to your enjoyment of "green gold."

Fior d'Olio, $58 at