Celery Recipes

Celery is an essential part of the Western kitchen

Bright and crunchy when raw, soft and supple when cooked, and an essential part of mirepoix—the combination of onions, carrots, and celery that forms the base of a myriad classic dishes—celery is an indispensable ingredient in our kitchen. We've rounded up our favorite celery recipes to help you make use of this versatile vegetable.

Crisp celery stands up well to quick picking. In our marinated celery and avocado salad, sliced celery and radishes are pickled in lemon juice and then tossed with avocado and kalamata olives. For a flavorful appetizer, simmer celery and shrimp until tender and lightly pickle them in a brine flavored with mirin, ginger, juniper berries, and more.

Besides using a stalk to garnish a Bloody Mary, you probably haven't given too much thought to using celery in cocktails. Celery juice, with its slightly bitter, assertive taste, is a great mixer. The Health Kick combines celery juice with aquavit, mezcal, and lime, while the Celery Tonic mixes it with Cocchi Americano, dry vermouth, lemon, and club soda.

Celery even has a place in dessert. To make an impressive vacherin, layer sponge cake with stewed rhubarb, celery semifreddo and sorbet, and crisp meringues and surround the tower with a moat of sugary rhubarb soup.

Find all of these dishes and more in our collection of celery recipes.

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