Sometimes, I eat so heartily at SAVEUR during the day that, by the time I get home, all I want is a nightcap, and maybe dessert. Last night was one of those evenings; I wanted something creamy and sweet, like white chocolate, to end my evening, but something elegant, and even romantic, to put me gently and happily to sleep. I devised this warming libation on the subway, which is not quite a monastic environment but, still, somehow meditative enough that it put me in mind of Frangelico—that heady noisette liqueur devised three centuries ago by Piedmontese friars, a bottle of which I had languishing in my liqueur cabinet. So good was the hazelnut and white chocolate combo that all the drink wanted was a grating of fresh nutmeg to nail it as the perfect sendoff to a day of indulgence.

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