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18 Great Leek Recipes to Patch the Holes in Your Spring Diet

Sweeter and subtler than onions or garlic, leeks can be used in everything from classic potato soup to braised pork belly

A cousin to onions and garlic, but with a sweeter, more subtle flavor, leeks are less brashly assertive than many of their allium cousins. As suitable as the center of a dish as it is as a supporting player, leeks are endlessly versatile. Many hearty winter soups and stocks call for leeks—what combination is more classic and comforting than creamy potato and leek?—but their subtle flavor plays just as nicely in a lighter spring soup.

First things first: check out our all-inclusive guide to buying and preparing leeks before placing them in your stockpot. Once you've made your grocery trip, it's time to get creative. Stuff them with raisins and blue cheese before roasting for a wonderfully fragranced stuffed leek recipe. Or cook the leek tops briefly for a bright onion-flavored green dish. From Swiss cheese soup to braised pork belly with leek and ginger, here are the 18 best leek recipes in our arsenal.

stuffed leeks with blue cheese, raisins, and almonds

The bold flavors of blue cheese, anchovies, and Worcestershire sauce—plus a little kiss from the flame—make otherwise mild-flavored leeks just the thing for a cold night by the fire. Roasting them under sealed parchment paper allows the leeks to steam, tenderizing them before they char. Get the recipe for Stuffed Leeks with Blue Cheese, Raisins, and Almonds »

Christina Holmes

Chilled Mexican Potato and Leek Soup (Sopa de Poro y Papa)

This creamy, rich soup is a favorite in Mexico City. In summer it's usually chilled like a vichyssoise, but it's also served hot, especially in the cooler months. Get the recipe for Chilled Mexican Potato and Leek Soup (Sopa de Poro y Papa) »

Joseph De Leo

soupe de chalet

A traditional dish enjoyed year-round in the Alps of southern Switzerland, this homey soup takes its name from the mountain huts where it's commonly made. Typically incorporating cheeses from the region, this version is fortified with L'Etivaz (which can be found at specialty cheese shops) and heavy cream. If you can't find L'Etivaz, substitute Gruyère instead. Get the recipe for Swiss Cheese Soup »

Christopher Bagley

Braised Pork Belly with Leeks and Ginger

Awamori, a lightly sweet rice distillate, is used to blanch and cook—as well as coat—tender pork belly, resulting in a sticky, umami-rich sauce. Get the recipe for Braised Pork Belly with Leeks and Ginger »

Matt Taylor-Gross

Cold Soba with Mushroom and Leek Seiro Broth

For this deconstructed noodle soup, dip cold noodles into the hot broth, then slurp them quickly—the technique preserves the integrity of the tender, fresh noodles. Get the recipe for Cold Soba with Mushroom and Leek Seiro Broth »

Dylan + Jeni


Cauliflower, leeks, and bay leaf infuse this chicken dish's luscious, reduced red wine sauce with flavor. Get the recipe for Chicken with Cauliflower and Leeks in Red Wine Sauce »

Beth Galton | Food Styling: Mariana Velasquez

Leek and Clam Foil Yaki

Clams, leeks, and king oyster mushrooms get cooked in a foil pouch that resembles a Jiffy Pop.

Matt Taylor-Gross

Mustard Tart

Two kinds of mustard bring bright, tangy, and savory notes to this quiche, which is full of vegetables and less heavy than the standard. Get the recipe for Mustard Tart »

Farideh Sadeghin

Lummi Island, Verjus-Brined Pork Chops with Marinated Leeks

These verjus-brined pork chops are accompanied by charred leeks, which are drizzled with vinaigrette and wrapped in foil before they hit the grates.

Charity Burggraaf

Grilled Greens and Leek Tops with Chile-Garlic Sauce

When buying leeks for this dish, cookbook author Amy Thielen says to look for ones that have all or most of their dark green tops still attached. If trimmed leeks are all you can find, use the dark and light green parts only.

William Hereford

Cream of Fennel Soup

This rich, smooth soup balances the gentle flavor of fennel with spices and a bracing addition of Pernod. Get the recipe for Cream of Fennel Soup »

Vanessa Rees

Marinated Leeks with Herbs (Poireaux Vinaigrette)

For a simple and delicious side dish, try poaching leeks in a mustardy dressing.

Todd Coleman

Leek Bread Pudding

The chewy sourdough bread cubes in this savory dish soak up custard for a creamy interior and toast to a golden brown for a crunchy topping, perfect for a slow morning.

Ariana Lindquist

Six-Onion Pizza

Top your pizza with the unexpected combination of six different types of onion, including leeks, shallots, and red onions, for a sweet-savory delight.

Todd Coleman

Stir-Fried Pork with Leeks (Cong Bao Rou Si)

Asian flavors such as soy sauce and sesame oil marry well with savory leeks and pork in this simple stir-fry.

Todd Coleman

Leek Terrine with Goat Cheese

The striking geometry of this terrine—an elegantly simple pairing of leeks and goat cheese—makes for a visually arresting presentation. We like it served with dark pumpernickel bread and some briny cured salmon at brunch, or as part of a cheese plate with a casual dinner. Get the recipe for Leek Terrine with Goat Cheese »

Helen Rosner

Hummus with Pan-Seared Duck, Leeks, and Tapenade

Alon Shaya, chef at New Orleans' Shaya, tops hummus with baroque toppings like fried eggplant, romanesco, and dates; here, he opts for serving the creamy spread with duck, leeks, and tapenade.

Farideh Sadeghin

Leek and Herb Frittata (Kuku Sabzi)

This herb-laced frittata of eggs, potatoes, and leeks is a popular Iranian side dish.

Todd Coleman