We’re sure he really loves that perilous stack of “#1 DAD” mugs that threatens to tumble out of the cupboard every morning, but you can do better than that for Father’s Day this year. Just like us not-dads out there, fathers run the whole gamut of interests and hobbies. Our advice? Stick with what he loves.

Shaving sets and boardroom-statement-piece neckties are a thing of the past; our editors have come up with a whole list of amazing gifts that will have Dad feeling like your number one, even if it’s not emblazoned across the side. Whether he’s a coffee fiend, a die-hard griller, a bread baker, or a tinned fish aficionado, he deserves something special—check out our favorite gifts to give Dad this Father’s Day.

Zingerman’s Frequent Fish Club

We’ve already talked at length about our obsession with canned seafood. For sardine-loving dads, consider this curated tour of Europe’s finest tinned fish from Ann Arbor’s specialty food superstar, Zingerman’s. –Kat Craddock, test kitchen manager Monika Stawowy

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OXO Cold Brew Maker

Is your dad a coffee wonk like us? This cold brew kit from OXO will help him make iced coffee to rival his favorite local café. The carafe tower is stable and generous, and we’re especially fond of the nerdy Erlenmeyer-flask-like glass carafe for serving. –K.C. OXO

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Brod & Taylor Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker

This proof box is the ultimate gift for the aspiring bread-baking and pizza-making dads of the world. It maintains a steamy, even temperature ranging from 70 to 195 degrees, so he can ferment artisan doughs with precision. It’s also handy for slow-cooking and for making fermented foods like yogurt, cheese, kimchi, and kombucha, and the whole thing even folds down into a flat, compact parcel for easy storage. –K.C. Williams-Sonoma

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Thermapen IR

Grilling is a classic dad activity. A high-quality instant-read thermometer will instantly up your dad’s grill game, and the Thermapen is the best one on the market. It’s also equipped with an infrared thermometer, which can ferret out hot spots on a pan or plancha, or even drafty zones in the winter to save on that heating bill—another classic Dad activity. –Chris Cohen, senior editor Thermoworks

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Yeti Hopper Two

Whether he’s bringing five days worth of food on a backcountry canoe trip or 24 beers down to the dock, this soft-sided Yeti cooler bag will ensure your dad does it in style. –C.C. Yeti

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M2B Art Metals 10′ Hand Forged Carbon Steel Skillet

These funky carbon-steel skillets are forged by hand by blacksmith Matt Gilbert in Philadelphia, PA. Similar to cast iron, carbon steel is a bit more ductile and significantly lighter, and the characteristic design (formed by pressing octagonal sheets of steel into a circular shape) makes for a great conversation starter. –Alex Testere, senior associate editor M2B Art Metals

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‘Thank You For Smoking,’ by Paula Disbrowe

My dad’s recently taken up a smoking habit (meat, not cigarettes), and Paula Disbrowe’s new book is full of smart instruction, riffable formulas, and colorful inspiration. There’s a whole chapter on smoking nuts and seeds, which I can already see him proudly displaying in a bowl on his home bar. –A.T. Amazon

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Pigtail Barbecue Turner

On a recent vacation, my dad found one of these in our Airbnb host’s drawer of barbecue tools and hasn’t stopped thinking about it since. The corkscrew ‘pigtail’ end works well for flipping bacon, ribs, steaks, and anything else you might otherwise throw on the grill. –A.T. Amazon

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Snake River Farms Summer Sizzler

Wagyu beef takes the classic grilling duo of burgers and hot dogs to the next level. Top them with some homemade condiments for an extra-special Father’s Day cookout—Dad deserves it. –D.J. Costantino, associate digital editor Snake River Farms

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Western BBQ Products Smoking Chips Variety Pack

These wood smoking chips will last Dad all summer and give him a variety of delicious ways to imbue his meat with flavor. –D.C. Western BBQ Products

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Roccbox Pizza Oven

Boasting two types of burners—wood and gas—this portable pizza oven will turn heads—and transform your dad into a pizzaiolo. It’s perfect for Neapolitan pies, stromboli, and any other grilling projects he might want to take on this summer. –D.C. Williams Sonoma

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