SAVEUR’s Best Cake Recipes

Eleven of SAVEUR's best cake recipes - delicious chocolate cake, pound cake, red velvet cake recipes and more.

Very Moist Chocolate Cake If you crave a cake with honest chocolate taste and a wantonly rich icing, this recipe is for you. See this Recipe
Ono Coconut Cake with Coconut Frosting This cake takes a tropical fruit and transforms it into a sumptuous delight. See this Recipe
Sponge Cake with Three Milks Popular throughout Latin America, this milk-soaked cake is thought to have originated in Nicaragua. See this Recipe
Red Velvet Cake According to legend red velvet cake was invented in the 1950s at Oscar's in New York's Waldorf-Astoria. See this Recipe
Pound Cake This recipe is for a lighter version of an old favorite. See this Recipe
Lady Baltimore Cake This cake gets its name for its fancy icing-Baltimore was once famous for its candy making. See this Recipe
Aunt Sabella's Black Chocolate Cake with Fudge Icing We adapted the cake recipe from How America Eats and topped it with a frosting also in the book. See this Recipe
Hummingbird Cake This Southern classic is so delicious that one bite of it will make you want to sing. See this Recipe
Black Forest Cherry Torte This German dessert got it right by combining two of our favorite ingredients-chocolate and cherries! See this Recipe
Caramel Cake We came across this recipe while doing a story on tailgating at football-crazy Ole Miss, but frankly, it's delicious any day of the year. See this Recipe
Smith Island Cake This decadent cake has eight layers-each with a sprinkling of powdered peanut butter cups. See this Recipe

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