Carving a Chicken

Try our step-by-step guide to carving a succulent roasted chicken. André Baranowski
Step 1
Set chicken on its side with the breast away from you. Place a fork against the thigh to steady chicken and, using a carving knife, cut between the body and the leg to begin to separate the two. André Baranowski
Step 2
Pierce the breast with the fork to steady the chicken, and complete the separation of leg from body by working the knife through the connecting joint. André Baranowski
Step 3
Set the leg aside on the carving platter. André Baranowski
Step 4
Hold the breast down with the fork. Using the knife, make an incision alongside the wishbone. Make a deep cut along the breastbone to remove breast meat. André Baranowski
Step 5
Halve and set aside on carving platter. André Baranowski
Step 6
Separate the drumstick from the thigh by cutting through connecting joint while holding the leg steady with the fork. André Baranowski
Step 7
Turn the chicken over and repeat preceding steps on the other side. André Baranowski