Essential Picnic Equipment

Good company and good food make for a great picnic, but the right equipment can help make the day even better. These 12 finds will help you transport and enjoy all your summer picnics in comfort and style.

Compostable Dinnerware

Compostable plates with an appealing, clean aesthetic elevate any picnic or outdoor dinner. Large Compostable Wooden Plates, $25 at Food 52 Provisions

Bocce Ball Set

The classic Italian lawn game makes a great outdoor diversion. Stash the whole set in its carrying case and unpack once lunch is done (while enjoying a cold limoncello, obviously). Park & Sun BB-109 Bocce Pro Set, $74.99 at

3-Tier Stainless Steel Tiffin

Stacking, stainless steel containers keep food separate and maximize space in your cooler. To Go Ware 3-Tier Stainless Steel Tiffin, $27.99 at

Handmade Picnic Basket

Sturdy and classic, this basket can carry up to 60 pounds of food, plates, and utensils. Bonus: the lid doubles as a table once open. Peterboro Handmade Picnic Basket, $59.95 at Crate and Barrel

Japura Zebra Wood USB Portable Speaker

For inexpensive but still stylish tunes, this portable wood speaker can be connected to your ipod or any device with a standard headphone jack. Japura Zebra Wood USB Portable Speaker, $30.50 at

Steel Picnic Cooler

This retro insulated cooler, complete with its own embedded bottle opener, is the perfect place to stash a chilled six-pack or a few cans of soda. Red Picnic Cooler, $69.95 at Crate and Barrel

Picnic Stix

Keep your bottle and glasses upright and at easy reach with these ingenious stakes–just anchor them in the ground next to your blanket. Picnic Stix, $12.99 at

Magno Portable Radio

This beautifully-designed portable radio is made from naturally-harvested new growth wood. Aside from AM/FM, it includes an MP3 input for your ipod. Magno Portable Radio, $112.50 at

Le Creuset Waiter's Friend Corkscrew

The cadillac of corkscrews, this well-made model from Le Creuset was designed for professional use. Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend Corkscrew, $35 at

Outdoor Wine Table

This bamboo table can be staked into the ground to provide a flat surface for use as a cutting board or a side table to hold wine and snacks. The smart holes on the sides fit two bottles perfectly, and the single leg screws off for carrying. Tovolo Outdoor Wine Table, $19.95 at

City Boy Picnic Grill

This modern-looking, portable grill uses a standard 225g gas cartridge. Take it along to grill hot dogs and burgers or to toast marshmallows. City Boy Picnic Grill, $229 at Finnish Design Shop

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