Jerez Martini
This off-dry cocktail skews savory, thanks to the sherry. Matt Taylor-Gross

Italian Sidecar

The recipe for this rich twist on a traditional sidecar comes from the Portland, Oregon, distillery Stone Barn Brandyworks. See the recipe for the Italian Sidecar »

Calvados Hot Toddy

This variation on a toddy combines calvados, a French apple brandy, with hot cider for a drink that’s autumn in a glass. Get the recipe for Calvados Hot Toddy »
This light, elegant quaff was created for international dignitaries in the 1890s, at the iconic Grand Hotel in Yokohama, Japan. Made with a base of vermouth and fino sherry brightened by orange and Angostura bitters, it’s low in alcohol, making it a perfect before-dinner drink. See the recipe for Bamboo Cocktail »

Elderflower Old Fashioned

Elderflower liqueur replaces the traditional sugar cube in this floral twist on an old favorite. Get the recipe for Elderflower Old Fashioned >>
New York bartender Jackie Summers introduced us to a homemade version of this traditional Jamaican white rum punch made with dried hibiscus flowers and an array of citrus and spices Get the recipe

Hierba Gin and Tonic

At Spanish-born chef José Andrés’ U.S. restaurants, including the Washington, D.C.– and Las Vegas–based tapas bars called Jaleo, at least ten different variations on the gin and tonic are served. One of our favorites is this pretty version that’s dressed with whole pink peppercorns, citrus, and rosemary. A dry gin lets the aromatic garnishes shine. Get the recipe for Hierba Gin and Tonic »

Jerez Martini

This off-dry cocktail skews savory, thanks to the sherry.