1. Carve 1/4″ of meat off bottom of ham so that it will sit flat when flipped over. Flip ham. Working about 4″ from shank end, make a vertical cut down to the bone. Brenda Weaver
2. Make a 45-degree diagonal cut about 2″ away from the first cut to make a V. Carve to the bone to release the wedge of ham. Brenda Weaver
3. Working at the same angle as the initial diagonal cut, begin making even, 1/8″-thick slices, cutting to the bone and working your way toward the thick end. Brenda Weaver
4. Transfer slices to a platter as you go, continuing to carve at a diagonal until you’ve reached about a third of the way to the thick end of the roast. Brenda Weaver
5. Now begin carving at a new angle, slicing from the side of the ham closest to you inward toward the center of ham and down to the bone to create thin half slices. Brenda Weaver
6. Repeat the above step on the opposite side of the ham, then switch back, until you have released most of the meat from the bone. Brenda Weaver