International Potato Chips

We never realized how perfectly a simple bag of potato chips could capture the distinct flavors of a cuisine—until we sampled these five from across the globe.

Hwa Yuan Spicy Oyster Omelet Potato Chips

Mimicking the flavor of a favorite Taiwanese street snack–oysters and eggs fried in lard–these thick-cut ripple chips have a briny seafood flavor with a spicy chile edge and a touch of sweetness. Hwa Yuan Spicy Oyster Omelet Potato Chips, available in Taiwan and at Asian markets across the country

Mari's Potato Chips & Salsa

The essence of earthy potato, these lightly salted Chicagoland snacks come with a packet of salsa picante; they’re a packaged take on the potato chips fried to order and doused in hot sauce on the streets of Mexico. Mari’s Potato Chips and Salsa, available at Hispanic markets across the country

Calbee Seaweed & Salt Potato Chips

These airy Japanese chips boast a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy. Their briny seaweed seasoning delivers an enticing umami depth. Calbee Seaweed & Salt Potato Chips, $18.51 for a pack of twelve 2.7-oz. bags at

Tyrrell's Ludlow Sausage & Mustard Crisps

Exemplary English kettle chips, these deliver heft, crunch, and a flavor just as promised: They taste like porky, spiced bangers slathered with multigrain mustard. Tyrrell’s Ludlow Sausage and Mustard Crisps, $3.99 for a 5.3-oz bag at

Lay's Magic Masala Potato Chips

Generous doses of ginger, garlic, and coriander give these addictive chips their tantalizing South Asian appeal. They’re made to be sold exclusively in India, but if you happen to spy a bag at an Indian grocery here in the U.S., be sure to grab it. Lay’s Magic Masala Potato Chips, $3.49 for a 70-gram bag at

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