Making a Phyllo Dough Pie

Step 1Once phyllo dough is shaped into balls, it can be rolled out immediately or brushed with oil and stored. Zubin Shroff
Step 2To turn dough balls into sheets, the dough is smoothed into 6″-8″ circles, after which it must rest for 10 minutes before proceeding. Zubin Shroff
Step 3To stretch the dough, it is alternately rolled around a dowel. Zubin Shroff
Step 4 The dough is then unrolled while applying gentle finger pressure. Zubin Shroff
Step 5Once dough has become thin enough, the sheet is ready to be gently unrolled into a buttered pan, with enough dough hanging over the side of the pan to form the top crust. Zubin Shroff
Step 6Additional layers are cut to fit inside the pan. Zubin Shroff
Step 7Crimping the crust is optional, and may be done strictly for aesthetic reasons. Zubin Shroff
Step 8After the pie is filled, the dough is folded over to form the pie’s top crust. Zubin Shroff