Blackberry and Blueberry Pie for Blueberry Recipes
Photography by Elizabeth Cecil

Who doesn’t love a slice of pie on a hot summer day or a cold winter night? Whether it’s a flaky, doughy crust, or a warm graham cracker crust, pies make for the perfect dessert. And on π Day, er, Pie Day, we want nothing more than a fresh, round pie straight from the oven.

Pie is incredibly versatile and can include everything from juicy fruit pies like blackberry pie, strawberry pie, and apple pie, to savory meats like huntsman’s pies, made with the same dough. They’re also a great way to use this summer’s bounty of fresh fruits, whether you favor stone fruits, berries, or citrus. Whipping up a fresh, homemade pie is a fun, easy summer activity, and any project that ends in a buttery, sweet slice of pie is definitely one that we like to take on.

Before you get started, make sure you’re all studied up on the best technique for how to roll pie dough and decide if you want to weave an elegant lattice atop your pie. Once you feel confident on how to bake pie, check out our collection of our favorite pie recipes that will have you coming back for seconds, and maybe even thirds.


Classic French Banana Cream Pie

This nearly forgotten recipe comes to us from the beloved Ships Diner in Los Angeles that closed in 1995. The whipped cream filling doesn’t require any cooking—no custard here—while some slices of banana and toasted almond add texture and flavor. A fast, easy-to-make pie from a bygone era that deserves a comeback. Get the recipe for Classic French Banana Cream Pie »

Brown Coconut Pie

The original recipe for this pie, adapted from Princess Pamela’s Soul Food Cookbook, was a mere few lines—devoid of even a dough recipe and intended for laid-back, confident bakers. Using fresh grated coconut is essential: It creates the ideal texture and keeps the sugary filling from skewing too sweet. Use the fine side of a box grater, or place small pieces of fresh coconut in a food processor. Get the recipe for Brown Coconut Pie »

Summer Peach Pie

Bourbon, cinnamon, and nutmeg add warmth to this bright summer peach pie from SAVEUR Food Editor Ben Mims.

Plum Pie

Grape jelly intensifies the flavor of ripe plums in this sweet-tart summer pie from Drummond Ranch pie contestant Tracy Harris.

Blue-Ribbon Pecan Pie

This pecan pie’s toffee-like interior and beautiful bronze top layer of halved pecans takes the first prize.

Vanilla-Scented Quince and Pear Pie

This sweet, tart fruit pie is a beautiful showcase for the flavors of fall and winter. It’s great on a holiday table, and is at its best when served alongside a plate of cheese: the rich quince flavor balances beautifully with a wedge of funky, crumbly blue beside it on the plate.

Strawberry Pie

In this pie, orange zest nicely offsets the sweetness of the strawberries.

Caramel-Apple Pie

A cinnamon-spiced sauce of butter and melted caramel candies poured over apples makes a wonderfully sweet, gooey pie filling.

Key Lime Pie

Condensed milk and Key lime juice serve as the base of this Floridian classic.

Rhubarb Strawberry Pie

Home baker Louise Piper won a 1997 blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair with this pie. The recipe appeared in Leah Eskin’s “State Fair” (July/August 1998).

Bouchon’s Apple Pie

Classic apple pie gets an upgrade at Las Vegas’ Bouchon Bakery, where pastry chef Scott Wheatfill tops a flaky sweet crust with housemade apple butter and almond cream. The result is a delicate, refined tart with a creamy interior and a concentrated spicy flavor. Get the recipe for Bouchon’s Apple Pie »

Concord Grape Pie

This recipe comes from the so-called Grape Pie Queen of Naples, New York, Irene Bouchard. She started baking these sweet pies in the early ’70’s.

Chocolate Chess Pie

Chef Scott Crawford of the forthcoming Standard Foods in Raleigh updates the simple Southern custard pie by adding cacao nibs to the butter crust and sprinkling a nutty cornbread crumble on top.

Chocolate Pudding Pie

This rich, creamy chocolate pudding pie is pure nostalgia.

Summer Peach Pie

Bourbon, cinnamon, and nutmeg add warmth to this bright summer peach pie from SAVEUR Food Editor Ben Mims.

Nectarine and Blueberry Hand Pies

These pies sell themselves, so my only goal with this photo was to bring you as close to their gorgeous, crusty details as possible.

Black-Bottom Pie

Creamy chocolate custard flavored with a touch of rum fills a buttery, chocolate cookie crust in this popular dessert.

Navy Bean Pie

The silky, custardlike base of this autumnal pie is made from sweetened navy bean purée spiced with nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon. Get the recipe for Navy Bean Pie »

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