Campari Cocktails

Flavored with oranges, rhubarb, ginseng, and a secret mixture of herbs, Campari adds a complex bitter note to drinks from the classic Negroni to a refreshing grapefruit Campari granita. Here are some of our favorite ways to serve this iconic liqueur.


Found all over Italy, the spritz is a classically Venetian cocktail that pairs well with all sorts of cicheti.

Grapefruit and Campari Granita

Ruby red grapefruit juice and Campari are a refreshingly bittersweet combination–dessert and cocktail in one.

Negroni Sbagliato
Broken Negroni (Negroni Sbagliato)

Mixologist David Welch pours this bubbly riff on a negroni at Sunshine Tavern in Portland, Oregon.

Il Palio
Il Palio

Campari ice cubes morph this drink from a Manhattan into a Boulevardier as they slowly melt. Get the recipe for Il Palio »

Amber Negroni
Amber Negroni

Replacing the Negroni’s traditional sweet vermouth with Lillet and the Campari with Braulio, an herbal Italian amaro, gives this twist on the classic cocktail a rich amber hue and a pleasingly astringent edge.

Venetian Cup

A mix of Campari, Pimm’s No. 1, and ginger beer, this drink makes an excellent warm weather aperitif. At OAK at fourteenth in Boulder, Colorado, they use housemade ginger beer; store-bought works just fine. See the recipe for Venetian Cup »

Tequila Boulevardier
Tequila Boulevardier

Bitter liqueurs and a touch of sweet vermouth bring balance to grassy, briny tequila in this riff on the classic bourbon drink, adapted from a recipe by bartender Mark Drew.

Classic Negroni

There’s zero room for variation in the Negroni, which calls for equal parts gin, Campari, and vermouth with an orange garnish. It’s clean, potent, and flawless. See the recipe for the Classic Negroni »


Bright red and bittersweet, this Campari-based Italian cocktail eventually became known as the Americano due to its popularity with American expats during prohibition. See the recipe for Americano »

Santorini Sunrise
Santorini Sunrise

The recipe for this Mediterranean take on the Tequila Sunrise comes to us from the New York City restaurant Molyvos. Try using a Greek honey infused with thyme or rosemary for a more pronounced floral sweetness, or swap out the vodka for ouzo for an intoxicating punch of licorice flavor.

Pink Negroni
Pink Negroni

Light, orangey Lillet Blanc and fresh lemon juice brighten a springlike twist on the Negroni. Tarragon and tart, hibiscus-based Burlesque Bitters from Bittermens add floral, herbaceous notes. Get the recipe for Pink Negroni »

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