Lamb Adobo

A primal experience is how eating a shank feels. That may go a ways in understanding how this dish has been my most popular for years now. This dish has also had the most impact on how I cook.Years ago while going from market to market in central Mexico I was talking to the ladies in the fondas and I had been making an Adobo for some time now, as I was talking to one Dona and asking about what made her adobo so special she asked how I would make one, after sharing the basics of my recipe she told me I was overcomplicating the sauce and the only way to make something better would be to make it a simpler way. I guess you could call it a lightbulb moment, that afternoon I learned more about my cooking than I had learned in my life and from that day on I have tried to make food that was simple yet elegant using the best ingredients and giving them a chance to shine.

What You Will Need