German Rum-Preserved Fruit (Rumtopf)

German Rum-Preserved Fruit (Rumtopf)Matt Taylor-Gross

This German method of preserving fruit in rum is more a ratio than a recipe: two parts fruit to one part sugar, covered with rum by at least an inch, with fruit continually added as it comes into season. Use the best fruit you can get your hands on (at season's peak) and allow for resting time (at least 2 months of aging at room temperature, though longer is better). Do it right and your crock never empties out; as the seasons progress, so do your additions of fruit, this year's nectarines mingling with the whispers of decade-old grapes.

Use the rum-soaked fruit to top cakes or ice cream, with or without the fruity liquor. You can also use that liquor as the base of sauces or to drink as a cordial. As for ingredients: Plums and cherries are especially traditional, but don't hesitate to make rumtopf your own; just avoid creamy fruit like bananas or papayas. You can also substitute honey for some of the sugar (no more than 20%), if desired.