Shoofly Pie

Molasses Pie

molasses pie
Shoofly PieMatt Taylor-Gross

Shoofly pie—a molasses-filled, crumb-topped concoction from Pennsylvania Dutch country—was supposedly given its name because its shiny, sweet, and aromatic filling attracted flies that needed to be politely asked to leave. The pie, which is sprinkled with buttery crumbs that sink into the molasses and give it a cakelike consistency when baked, is classically served one of two ways: “wet bottom” (cakelike up top and still fudgy below) or “dry bottom” (cakelike throughout). To us, it was a no-brainer to stop baking when the bottommost layer remained gooey and custard-like.

I use a combination of delicate light and extra-dark blackstrap to get the full range of molasses flavor. If you want to stick to one molasses, substitute 1 cup dark molasses instead.