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Here’s What SAVEUR Editors Are Buying This Black Friday

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on November 25, 2022

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The rumors are true: SAVEUR’s senior recipes editor (hi!) doesn’t have an oven. Instead, I own one of these sleek yet scrappy numbers, and you know what? I make do just fine. That’s because Breville’s Smart Oven Air Fryer Toaster Oven is more than just a souped-up toaster: It can slow-cook, air-fry, and even roast a four-pound bird. And the fact that turning it on doesn’t roast me inside my sweltering Madrid apartment means it’ll be a fixture in my kitchen for the long haul—even after I (one day!) graduate to the big-boy oven I deserve. Santa, are you listening?
–Benjamin Kemper, Senior Recipes Editor

AeroGarden Harvest 360

I'm giving the gift of a clean produce drawer this year: no more sad bunches of cilantro or parsley or clamshells of basil that died before serving their life's purpose. This nifty little countertop garden grows up to six plants in water—no soil required. I'm partial to the gourmet seed pod kit, which includes Genovese basil, parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint, but there are many different options from salad greens and veggies to flowers.
—Ellen Fort, Senior Editor

Josephinenhütte Starter Set

When I gushed about those featherlight Zalto wine glasses a few weeks ago in our annual gift guide, little did I know they were becoming harder and harder to come by. Happily my favorite wine glass guru has another line available (sold by Josephinenhütte, the Silesian glassworks factory) that’s just as splurge-worthy. In fact, the “Josephine” glasses may elicit even more oohs and aahs than the standard Zaltos, thanks to their unmistakable trippy contours. To me—a wine wonk with a carpe diem attitude toward personal finance—450 bucks (marked down from 515) seems like a fair price for six of these sculptural beauts, whose design Kurt Josef Zalto calls his “lifetime masterpiece.”
–Benjamin Kemper, Senior Recipes Editor

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron Deep Oven 

I’m not a fan of countertop deep-fryers and instead prefer to fry right on the stove in a heavy, easy-to-clean pot. For years, my go-to for recipe testing has been a Le Creuset Dutch oven. The heavy metal helps to hold a steady cook temp, while the brand’s signature off-white enamel lining makes it easy to see when oil is ready to be strained or switched out.  I’m especially fond of this extra-deep version, which can easily hold a generous depth of oil with plenty of extra height to deflect messy splatters right back into the pot. Marked down at Williams Sonoma this season, this is the deal of the year for tempura lovers, French fry fiends, or anyone who loves a sizzling, deep-fried feast. (Bonus: It’s great for messy, slow-cooked foods like tomato sauce and chili, too.)
–Kat Craddock, Editorial Director 

Glasvin Decanter

Direct-to-consumer glassware company Glasvin has been gaining traction amongst the Michelin-starred set for a while now and I’m particularly fond of the brand’s pretty hand-blown decanters. Sized to fit a full magnum of wine yet still sleek, stable, and compact enough to grace even the most jam-packed holiday table, it’s my go-to holiday hostess gift. Already reasonably priced at $80, Glasvin is also offering tiered discounts for Black Friday starting at 10 percent off all orders under $300.
–Kat Craddock, Editorial Director

Material Kitchen reBoard

"The hype around this cutting board is real and warranted. Material Kitchen's reBoard, which is made sustainably using kitchen plastic scraps and sugarcane, has become the only cutting board I keep on my kitchen counter these days. It's super lightweight and easy to wash by hand (though you can toss it in the dishwasher, too), and the size is perfect for me for everyday cooking tasks like chopping an onion or slicing up a melon. All the colors are lovely, too, though I'm partial to the Deep shade. I've never owned a cutting board that actually sparks joy when I use it, so this one is very much a keeper."
–Megan Zhang, Senior Culture Editor

Stasher Silicone Storage Bags

"Like many people in this industry, I always have a lot of food in my kitchen—and try hard to make sure none goes to waste. Whenever I have ingredients left over from cooking or recipe testing, even if they’re just scraps, I store them in these reusable food-grade silicone bags and keep them in the fridge or freezer. They almost always come in handy at a later date, at which time I give myself a pat on the back for having taken that extra minute to save them. I've started using the stasher bags for all kinds of other purposes, too, like packing snacks for picnics, marinating meat and fish, and storing cut-up fruit. Opening up the fridge and seeing a row of sliced pineapples, peeled oranges, and cucumber sticks all ready to eat makes my organization-loving (and snack-happy) heart thump."
–Megan Zhang, Senior Culture Editor

Ichendorf Milano Fantasia Animal Tumblers

“I’m a real sucker for whimsical homewares, and I simply must have these. The borosilicate glass tumblers feature a little handmade hedgehog, snail, turtle, or duck inside—which are so cute that I already know I’m going to finish the first half of my drink far more quickly than intended, just so it can look like the little guy is swimming in my glass. Too fun. Pick up all four to ensure your guests always know which drink is theirs, and expect to field many queries about where you got this charming set.”
–Megan Zhang, Senior Culture Editor

Titanium Skillets – Hestan Culinary

Ode ‎Brew Grinder

I've been waiting for this good-looking fellow to go on sale all year. It's got 31 grind settings that allow you to precisely grind your coffee for all purposes, from Aeropress to cold brew. It's also super quiet with a small countertop footprint—a must for coffee fiends with more than one coffee-making contraption already taking up space. Did I mention it's really, really good-looking? A perfect gift for coffee-lovers, or maybe even just for yourself.
—Ellen Fort, Senior Editor

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