Espresso Waffles with Mocha Drizzle
Farideh Sadeghin

From the corner coffee cart to the grande, quad, non-fat, one-pump, no-whip mocha, there are a million ways to get your coffee buzz going. Some of those mean taking coffee out of the cup. Sure, you’ve seen coffee-enhanced chocolate cake and tiramisu, but we wanted to push coffee to places it’s never gone before.

The results may surprise you. You may not think they’ll work. But they do, and they take coffee to wonderful places.

Make it a breakfast salad


Breakfast Salad

Breakfast Salad

Espresso’s acidity makes it a natural choice to bolster a red wine vinaigrette. And its roasty depth only makes for better bacon in this bacon-and-eggs frisé salad perfect for breakfast.

Caffeinate your waffles

These waffles get a double dose of espresso: first in the batter, then in a condensed milk-based mocha sauce that’s as rich as hot fudge, but far less sweet.

Wake up a sleepy bread


Irish Coffee Soda Bread

Espresso powder adds a jolt to this sleepy soda bread. We love it as toast for a breakfast sandwich or to mop up rich sauces alongside a dinner roast. Get the recipe for Irish Coffee Soda Bread »

Problem: Irish soda bread often sounds better than it tastes. Solution: This moist, craggly-topped version, which gets impressive depth from a hit of espresso.

Make cauliflower even better


You may not think coffee belongs in a shallot cream sauce, but it adds depth a lot like the browned fond in meat dishes. Add in some toasted hazelnuts and you have a rich, nutty way to complement caramelized cauliflower.

End the day with a jolt


Milk Chocolate and Coffee Cake

This milk chocolate–butter cake is enhanced with a full 2 tbsp. of espresso powder and topped with a brown sugar–almond crumble. Get the recipe for Milk Chocolate and Coffee Cake »

A new take on the classic coffee-infused chocolate cake. This one is as good for ending the day as it is for starting it anew.