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Summer Tomato Recipes

Summer tomatoes are lush, flavorful, and abundant

High-quality fresh tomatoes are only available in the summer, so we like to take advantage of them as much as we can during their season. Summer tomatoes are lush, flavorful, and abundant. From gazpacho to caprese, we've got plenty of ways to enjoy your bounty. Check out our favorite fresh tomato recipes.

Getting the skin off of tomatoes can can seem intimidating, but with the right technique it's incredibly easy. For a simple, speedy blanching technique to slip the skin right off fresh tomatoes, see our video »

One of the best ways to showcase beautiful tomatoes is with caprese salad. A classic caprese salad is a study in respecting quality ingredients: firm, in-season tomatoes, fresh burrata or mozzarella, pristine basil, and top-shelf olive oil and balsamic vinegar. There is room for variation—try adding fried capers for a briny punch or bacon for extra umami.

Tomatoes are great in all kinds of other salads. Try them in a simple salad with blanched green and romano beans or in panzanella, a traditional salad of tomatoes and toasted bread cubes. In Eritrea, a variation on panzanella can be made with a rich tomato stew.

Another pairing of tomato and bread is gazpacho, a raw soup of tomato, cucumber, and bread. Salmorejo is a cousin of gazpacho in which the ingredients are briefly cooked with boiling water. It is delicious topped with hard-boiled eggs and Iberian ham or prosciutto.

Find these dishes and more in our collection of great fresh tomato recipes.