Regional Beef Stews

From Tibet to Argentina, 12 global variations on this cold-weather classic.

Mexican Beef Stew

On the Isthmus, it is still the custom to cook the meat from an entire cow overnight in jarros, which are large ceramic pots, in backyard ovens. The result of the long, slow-cooking process is a meltingly tender stew of meat and vegetables, best scooped up with tortillas.

Boeuf à la Bourguignonne (Burgundian Beef Stew)

The secret to this classic Burgundian stew—that distinctive, almost velvety sauce—is not in the prestige of the cut of beef or the bottle of wine, it’s all in the cooking: marinated overnight and then simmered long and gently. See the recipe for Boeuf à la Bourguignonne (Burgundian Beef Stew) »

Tripe Stew Niçoise-Style

The tripe for this stew must be cooked very slowly to tenderize it properly. If you skimp on the cooking time, the stew will be chewy and bland. See the recipe for Tripe Stew Niçoise-Style »

See the Recipe
See the Recipe
Cholent (Beef Stew)

Slow cooking allows the flavors of beans, brisket, and vegetables to meld perfectly.

Beef Rib and Meatball Stew (T'fina Pkaila)
Beef Rib and Meatball Stew (T'fina Pkaila)

This traditional Tunisian stew is packed with flavor from tender beef spare ribs, cilantro-spiked meatballs, and spinach.

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