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3/21/11: Links We Love

A look at what we're reading, cooking, and clicking this week.

• This riveting chart shows American consumption of different animal proteins — beef, chicken, pork, fish, veal, turkey, lambs, eggs — over the past century. Way to go, chicken! NYTimes

• We'll admit to an occasional craving for cup noodles. This adorable little guy solves the problem of keeping the paper lid down while the hot water works its magic. Milk n Cookiezzz

• Faux dirt (made from crumbled brioche and tomato powder) had its culinary debut in 1978 as an accessory to Michel Bras's Gargouillou salad; now edible soil is part of many chefs' toolkits for creating that straight-from-the-garden feel on the plate. Grub Street SF

• Think rich, creamy hollandaise couldn't get any richer or creamier? Try making it with duck fat! Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

• A broth-based soup of white beans and shiitakes is earthy, light, and brightly flavored thanks to a drizzle of herb oil. Sunday Suppers

• As if our Paris envy couldn't get any worse - we must have the amazing French stamps adorned with images of food. They'd make perfect stickers for decorating edible gifts. David Lebovitz

• What's the best way to get kids interested in cooking? We love this roundup of great cookbooks geared towards families and children. Guardian

Photo: Salted caramel apple rosette tart from Miss Meng/Flickr; based on the SAVEUR recipe Chocolate Caramel Tart

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