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Literary magazine Lapham's Quarterly's summer issue, dedicated entirely to food, covers everything from Julia Child's disdain for cilantro to what Elvis Presley gave the Beatles for a midnight snack in 1965. Lapham's Quarterly

• Most of us take watermelon for granted, but for one Japanese auction-goer, forking over almost $4000 for a prized Densuke watermelon was well worth it. Japan Real Time

• Crunchy, bold, tender, or sturdy - no matter which way you prefer your salad, this infographic from the New York Times is inspiring and informative. NY Times

• Have any lines of poetry ever captured the wrenching agony of a break-up better than "I want to eat all the tacos. / Tacos will never taste good again."? The Farmer General

• After losing a bet, chef Dave Arnold had to spend a week eating nothing but raw vegan food. He shares his journey and his honest opinions about this "natural" diet in a hilarious, thoughtful blog post. Cooking Issues

• Could we have ever forgetten Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress? It's being dried out (yes, it now resembles beef jerky) so it can be displayed at Cincinnatti's Rock and Roll Hall of fame this February. USA Today

•Pictured: Strawberries, cucumbers, and gin — oh my! These are just some of the ingredients found in the brilliantly illustrated guide to making Magic Juice. DesignSponge

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