A pint of heavy whipping cream and a smidgen of arm strength can elevate your Thanksgiving pies to official holiday status. These sophisticated pairings are sure to garner more than a few oohs and ahhs while taking no more than a flick of the wrist to prepare.

For each, simply whip the cream to a soft consistency, add flavorings (and a bit of confectioners’ sugar to taste), and whip till the cream holds a soft peak. For a sweet spicy topping to complement an ethereal pumpkin pie, add in real maple syrup, a dash of dark rum, and a pinch of allspice. Or whip together cocoa powder, cardamom, and vanilla extract for a pecan pie topping no one will forget. Finally, add a splash of Calvados and a generous helping of ground cinnamon to elevate your apple pie to unforgettable Thanksgiving treat status.

Soak in the admiration but don’t forget to save a generous dollop for yourself because, unlike all that extra turkey, these whipped creams aren’t going to be leftover.