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Coffee drop images by Jack Long, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America - Dec 2011...Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jack Long / Rex Features (1518528n) Coffee Drops! These amazing images will appeal to anyone who needs a drop of coffee in the morning to wake up. Jack Long uses high-speed photography to capture the moment a splash is made in the caffeine drink. His refreshing results sees shapes ranging from elevated bubbles to flower-like blooms. The Milwaukee photographer has taken a year to perfect his secret technique of working with liquids, but claims the effect is not created by dropping liquid as seen in other splash photography. He explains: "I have been working for over a year with this unique, self discovered method of suspending liquids into the air and capturing them with short duration flash lighting. "Sometimes taking the form of mushrooms, jellyfish and even flowerlike shapes, this is not like so many other typical "drop" splash photographs. In fact I do not drop anything to make theseJack Long/Laughing Squid

• In a genius move of alcoholic cartography, here's a graph of where Scottish single malt whiskys fall on the axes of smoky, delicate, light, and rich. Big Think

• IFC show Portlandia went full-force on the food world in its season 2 debut on Friday night. Is "We can pickle that" the new "Put a bird on it"? We hope so. Eater Nat'l

• Eric Asimov, recently the interim restaurant critic at the New York Times, reflects on the changing landscape of NYC's restaurant scene. The New York Times

• Caramelized onions, usually a twenty minute process to create, aren't exactly conducive to time crunches in the kitchen. Enter a new method that cuts the cooking time in half! theKitchn

• College grads, perhaps it's finally possible to put those finely honed beer pong skills to good use. New York Post

• Key lime pie, equal parts refreshing and nostalgic, is at the top of our to-bake lists right now. Serious Eats

• A waiter at super-high-end New York restaurant Per Se delivers anonymous dish on what it really takes to get on the VIP list — and on the do-not-serve list. NY Mag

• No one likes a big ol' coffee stain, but this photo (pictured) has got to be one of the coolest things we've seen all week. Laughing Squid

Photo: High Speed Photo of a Coffee Splash by Jack Long/Laughing Squid