Vegetable Juicer

By Laura Sant

Published on July 24, 2012

I got hooked on fresh vegetable juice thanks to a former coworker of mine and her broken car. I drove her to work, and every morning as she got in my car she'd present me with a little cup of celery and carrot juice, a small kindness in return for the favor of a ride. It was fresh, green-tasting, and surprisingly sweet. Long after, I still craved that juice every morning, but I held off on getting a juicer for my own kitchen, imagining a giant appliance with lots of hard-to-clean parts gathering dust in my cabinets after one or two uses. With the Omega juicer, though, I was pleasantly surprised: as far as appliances go, it takes up less space than my food processor, and is surprisingly easy to disassemble and clean. Best of all, it is an ace at juicing everything from hard vegetables like carrots to leafy greens like kale and spinach, and though I haven't tried to yet, also makes nut butters and soy milk, grinds spices, and extrudes pasta. In addition to how healthful and righteous I feel starting my day with carrot-kale-ginger juice instead of coffee (okay, in addition to coffee), I'm loving all the cocktail possibilities—perhaps negating the health benefits of owning a juicer, but when there are gingery green cocktails to be had, who cares?

Omega J8003 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer, $213.05 at

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