Great Grilling: From Appetizers to Dessert

From stone fruits to steak, everything tastes better cooked over an open flame.

Whether cooked over coals or under a broiler, tender halved baby artichokes have a delicate yet concentrated flavor and a crisp exterior. See the recipe for Grilled Baby Artichokes »

The summer's quickly fading away, but before it disappears, check out these recipes before you fire up the grill one last time.

For starters, try the salt and pepper grilled shrimp: the shells get extra-crisp, while the flesh inside becomes juicy and tender. We also love grilled baby artichokes. Exposed to the fire, their flavor becomes both more delicate and more concentrated.

If it's steak you're craving, you can't get more classic than a porterhouse with blue cheese butter. The earthiness of the cheese complements the slightly smoky char that the steak picks up on the grill. Add some grilled vegetables, and you've got the perfect summertime meal.

One of our favorite warm-weather desserts is grilled fruit, and we think that stone and citrus fruits work the best: the caramelization of the natural sugars only brightens the fruits' flavor. For a light dessert, try burnt oranges with rosemary, and add a dollop of thick Greek yogurt on the side. You'll be happy that you didn't let summer get away so quickly.—Julie Wilson, Saveur

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