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Scattered across the globe, there exists a small cadre of revolutionaries dedicated to liberating civilization from the clutches of boring beer. They operate independently but share a common goal: to produce the finest beers imaginable. At Whole Foods Market®, it's our duty (and pleasure) to bring these beers to you.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
We seek out an adventurous selection of great-tasting beers from around the world and around the corner to fill our shelves. Our commitment to featuring a complete range of products from Porters to Pilsners and gluten free to organic means we have a delicious brew for whatever you've got on tap.

Rest assured, we're careful about what we pour in our pint glass, stein, weizen and tulip glasses, so you can be too. Every beer we sell must first be tasted and evaluated before we'll raise our glass to it and place it on our shelves. Beer Enthusiasts Our buyers are on a pilgrimage to find the highest quality, best value beers for you. Thanks to their dedication, we have long-lasting relationships with trusted breweries, family-owned and larger companies, who provide the finest beer in the industry. While our global buyers, with more than 60 years in the beverage business, work with unique, artisan brewers all over the world to secure limited brews, the majority of our sourcing is done at the regional and local levels. At our stores, supporting local extends beyond food to beer. With a keen eye to authentic regional flavors, our local buyers search for beers you'll have trouble finding anywhere else. We regularly feature local and regional microbreweries making it easy to discover their distinct flavors. These days, inventive craft brewers are pushing the boundaries, and they're not the only ones having fun. Our beer buyers pride themselves on staying ahead of the trends, so you can be adventurous too. For example, we currently have more than 30 stores with beer on tap and take-home growlers available with more on the way. You don't have to know brew speak to find a great ale or lager in our aisles. Our experienced beer specialists are passionate about sharing good beer and will guide you through selections best suited for your tastes and budget. Bottoms up!

What We're Drinking This fall the apple of our eye is organic hard cider. Unfiltered and double fermented, Crispin Bare Naked Organic Hard Apple Cider and Fox Barrel Pear Naked Organic Pear Cider are simply made with organic apple and pear juice. The crisp and clean apple cider is bright and approachable while the pear cider is light and lively with an off-dry finish. Whichever you choose, you'll get the smooth taste you want and none of the added artificial preservatives, colors, sulfites and gluten you don't. New to hard cider? Softly sparkling, it pairs well with cheese and shines in cooking. We are prohibited by law from selling alcohol in some of our stores. For more information, visit Whole Foods Market »

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