Living where I do in northern New Jersey, I’m afforded the luxury of radically differing environments depending on which direction I face. To the east, there’s bustling New York City; to the west, sprawling mountains and forests. But there’s no place I’d rather be than near the ocean, the lapping waves and soft sand of the Jersey shore transporting me to a perfect state of relaxation. On summer days when I can’t make it to the beach, a simple tropical cocktail in my kitchen can have the same effect.

When I set out to mix the perfect beach cocktail, I had in mind the long, hot days I spent on the shore as a kid, cooling off occasionally with the creamy, slushy offerings of a nearby ice cream truck. Now that I like a little kick in my summer treat, I’ve found that icy mango sorbet blends wonderfully with white and coconut rums and a squeeze of lime juice for a frozen daiquiri that begs for a tropical umbrella garnish. With its deep, sweet mango flavor enlivened by the citrus and rum, this is my kind of summer escape.

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