Ben Fink


An alternative to rum and Coke, this drink utilizes lighter, brighter grapefruit soda, which lets the bold character of a pot-distilled English-style rum shine through. See the recipe for Flamingo »

Summertime always guarantees a more relaxed party atmosphere: friends drop by for drinks alfresco, and summer barbecues pop up at the last minute. Although we love perfectly crafted cocktails, sometimes we prefer drinks that can be made in a second. Here are some of the simplest beverages we’ve found, which call for only two ingredients.

If you still have a hankering for classic cocktails, though, check out our photo gallery of some of the best-known libations, including the understated gin and tonic and the legendary sazerac. Whatever your beverage preference, you don’t always have to be a slave to the shaker to make a mean cocktail. —Julie Wilson, SAVEUR