Whiskey Lingo

Like any alcoholic beverage, bourbon has its own lexicon. Some of these terms date only from the appearance in recent years of specialty bourbons.

**SMALL BATCH **A ''mingling'' from several barrels, each selected for the unique properties that it will provide.

SINGLE BARREL **Whiskey taken from one barrel, chosen for its superior characteristics.

**WHEATED ****A bourbon that uses wheat—instead of rye—as a flavor grain in the mash.

UNFILTERED **Bottled straight from the barrel, this whiskey contains all the elements that give the spirit its flavor and unique character. (Unfiltered whiskey may cloud over ice: This is called a chill haze.)

BARREL PROOF **Whiskey that has not been diluted with water to reduce the proof.

BOTTLED IN BOND **North American whiskey (mostly bourbon) that is bottled at four years of age and at a minimum of 100 proof.

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