Mixstrology: Gemini

By Patricia Clark Hippolyte

Published on May 21, 2013

Welcome to Mixstrology, SAVEUR's monthly series where astrologist/bartender Patricia Clark Hippolyte provides a cocktail prescription for each sign of the zodiac. This month: Gemini.

Gemini begins on May 21, and in keeping with the season, I propose you make your witty self a drink that is light, airy, childlike, and fueled by hints of spring. This cocktail should leave you wanting more, even after the two I'd recommend you drink straight down—one for each of your twin personalities.

Credit: Laura Sant

Enter La Puella y el Puer, a double-fisted drink (the name means "the girl and the boy") that also goes by a simpler name: The Tinkerbell and the Tinkerbell. The chosen vessel for this pair of drinks is the champagne coupe, that rounded cradle of a cocktail glass said to have been designed after Marie Antoinette's best assets, of which, like you, there were two. Though old-fashioned, the glass remains unserious, adding a bit of Gemini-like whimsy to the drink. As for the drink itself: vodka and gin are spirits as clear and light as your own; floral, springlike lavender is the herb of Gemini; a touch of club soda mirrors your bubbly personality; and a cloud of airy egg white elevates the drink to the fun-loving heights in which you live. It's all poured over crushed ice, just to keep your active mouths busy with something to crunch on. Is this a drink that has a lot going on? Maybe. But so do you.

As for the rest of the zodiac, you can have a Tinkerbell of your very own, with these sign-appropriate variations:


You're lit up on sudden changes and restlessness. This drink may seem wimpy to you, but just think how much pleasure you'll get from throwing it across the room. Better yet, lose the juice, syrup, whites, and ice, and just drink the vodka. Straight from the bottle.


You feel bold, assertive, and ready for action right now. You'll like this cocktail; you'd drink anything. For you, more is more, so have four, double the syrup.


Cancer, oh Cancer, you're going through so much these days, and no one feels more than you do. I don't think curling up and crying in a dark corner is the right vibe for this cocktail. Maybe just stick to wine.


Things are slowing down a bit for you now, causing some frustrations, so get in touch with your brisk, sunny side: Add yuzu bitters to this drink, and swap out the regular citrus for Meyer lemon, a luxurious variety that becomes Your Highness.


This month you may not be as tight-reigned as you usually are. Gain a fraction of a pound, spend a few nickels, and enjoy this clean, white drink, though I'm sure you'd prefer 1/100th of a teaspoon less lavender, a squeeze more lemon, a clean straw, and some hand sanitizer on the side.


Lovely Libra, you're drawn to pretty things, yet you find yourself surrounded by uncivilized aspects just now. Attractions will be out of the blue, irresistible, but not necessarily stable. I say have fun with it: I'm seeing this drink for you garnished with edible flowers and with a few dashes of girly Peychaud's bitters mixed in, to make it pink.


It's time for work, work, and more work. You may feel melancholy, putting in those long hours, but you are no stranger to solitude and you'll have the strength and stamina to rise to the occasion. A Tinkerbell cocktail may be a tad light for your intense nature, so muddle blackberries into it, and make it a double.


For you, unrealistic expectations abound. What may look good from afar may not be so once you're up close. But until you get there, the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day, so seize it! Swap out the clear booze in this drink for a smoky reposado tequila and dance your pants off.


I know you really don't need me to tell you anything, but I'll accept that eye roll because, in spite of it, I like you. You've been in warrior training since the end of 2008, but if anyone can power through it, it's you. Make this drink with straight-laced rye whiskey, swap the lavender for stalwart elderflower, and pour it over square ice cubes.


You're always thinking outside of the box, so use that creativity while dealing with a Saturnian slow-down in projects. Mix peppermint syrup instead of lavender into this drink, and chill your glass before you pour it: you are, after all, too cool for school.


You may add a few pounds to your frame this month. You'll be a bit more easy-going (not a problem for you), prone to excessive behaviors (how bad can that be?), and flowing with creative juices. Seek out what you love doing. Just watch your limits, lest you find yourself sucking this, or any other drink, out of a bucket with a bendy straw.

Patricia Clark Hippolyte is a New York-based astrologer and bartender.

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