Open-Faced Lasagna with Acorn Squash and Smoked Caciocavallo
This layerless lasagna recipe from Philadelphia chef Marc Vetri uses an egg-rich dough, but store-bought fresh pasta sheets can be substituted. Andre Baranowski

In his upcoming book Mastering Pasta (Ten Speed Press, March 2015), Philadelphia chef Marc Vetri shares a recipe for open-faced lasagna, a pizza-lasagna hybrid that he developed while messing around in the kitchen of his eponymous restaurant. Though this one calls for acorn squash and smoked caciocavallo cheese, there’s no limit to the toppings you can choose. “The beauty of this dish is that the pasta acts like a blank canvas, allowing you to showcase any seasonal ingredient,” says Vetri. If you use homemade pasta dough, as he suggests, be sure to roll it out until it’s very thin.

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