Menu: A Guatemalan Feast for All Saints’ Day

Blackberry Masa Drink (Atole de Mora Negra)
Blackberry Masa Drink (Atole de Mora Negra)

If you’d rather drink your breakfast, try atole—a traditional Mexican drink thickened with masa harina and served hot.

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  1. Making fiambre is labor-intensive, but it's all in the prep! Start by cleaning and chopping all of the ingredients into proper sizes as designated by the recipe. You can prep some of the vegetables and store them in the fridge in a cold water bath overnight (green beans, carrots, and celery will hold up to this best), and you can boil the eggs and chop the cured meats in advance. Start early the next day by boiling the ingredients in batches until tender, then leave plenty of time to marinate.
  2. The recipe for fiambre is different in regions across Guatemala and from family to family. Red fiambre contains beets, while white fiambre does not (pink fiambre will contain just a few). Some recipes include shrimp, as this one does, and some do not. Feel free to adjust the ingredients to your preferences. The backbone of the dish comes from heavily brining the vegetables and including a good variety of cold meats.
  3. Masa harina for the atole can be sourced online or at most Latin American groceries.
  4. Read more about the tradition of fiambre and Guatemalan Day of the Dead celebrations in Ken Black's article Saintly Salad.

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