With prime picnic season supposedly just around the corner, I’ve been coping with the reality of mid-60s weather by disappearing into a recurring daydream: My friends and I, in sundresses and floppy hats, spread out in the warm afternoon sun on plaid picnic blankets, surrounded by a spread of retro picnic fare with an icy bottle of rosé. When I found The Outing Club custom vintage picnic basket shop, I felt like I was halfway there. Founder Leah Mojer hand-curates picnic sets based on what the buyer wants to include; anything you dream up, she can make happen—from blankets, plates, and napkins to cutting boards, picnic knives, and even vintage-style playing cards—all sourced from estates, church sales, and thrift stores across the country. The white-washed basket she selected for me came with vintage daisy-print enamel juice glasses, matching napkins, gold-rimmed plates, a yellow checkered enamel platter, and my favorite touch: travel-size daisy salt and pepper shakers! Now that I’ve got the wares, I just need the weather to cooperate.

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