Our 7 Best Eggnog Recipes To Sip Your Way Into The Holiday Spirit

Booze optional (but recommended)

Hate it or love it, eggnog season is upon us—and since that’s not going to change, you might as well learn to appreciate the rich, milky drink. Although booze is optional in eggnog recipes, we highly encourage it, especially chef Hugh Acheson’s bourbon and rum-based recipe. Add a little Puerto-Rican flare, with the homemade coquito, complete with coconut milk. Perfect for sipping by the fire or supplementing a holiday dessert, our best eggnog recipes will add a festive touch to any celebration, and turn any haters into believers.

Tom and Jerry Cocktail

In this riff on the hot eggnog-like classic, Rachael Thompson of Chicago’s Violet Hour perks up the traditional rich base of egg batter and cognac with two New Orleans favorites: the anise-y liqueur Herbsaint and a coffee-chicory syrup, a nod to the coffee at Café du Monde. Get the recipe for Tom and Jerry Cocktail »
Aged eggnog

Nutmeg-Infused Eggnog

Start this recipe the day before you plan on serving it. You can make this with either heavy cream or half and half, depending on how decadent you’re feeling.

Hugh Acheson’s Eggnog

In this Southern spin on the boozy Yuletide favorite, a mix of bourbon and rum takes the place of brandy. It can be made up to 4 hours before serving.

Ultimate Eggnog

Chef Mary Sue Milliken showed us how to craft this decadent eggnog, which incorporates whipped cream, egg whites, and spices into a pudding-like zabaglione base. It first appeared in our December 2013 issue along with Karen Shimizu’s article A Nog Like No Other. Get the recipe for Ultimate Eggnog »

Homemade Coquito (Puerto Rican Eggnog)

Traditional Puerto Rican eggnog is a favorite throughout the Caribbean. Canned coconut milk can be substituted, but making it yourself by processing freshly grated coconut with spice-infused water yields the richest flavor. Get the recipe for Homemade Coquito (Puerto Rican Eggnog) »

Not Your Nana’s Nog

Perfect for holiday gatherings, this re-creation of a classic eggnog is livened with orange liqueur and freshly grated orange zest. Get the recipe for Not Your Nana’s Nog »