Fermented Banana and Dark Chocolate Pudding with Cocoa Nibs

Fermented Banana Chocolate Pudding

fermented banana chocolate pudding
Don't throw out those old, over-over-ripe bananas. Blend them with chocolate for an easy pudding with a twangy bite.Matt Taylor-Gross

Though this recipe takes some advanced planning (you need to allow around 2 weeks for the bananas to ferment), it’s well worth the wait. The fermented, sweet tang of bananas blends with bitter chocolate for a tropical spin on the classic pudding. It's easier, too, as the pudding is set with gelatin rather than egg yolks, which also lets the banana flavor shine through.

Note: If you want to ferment and puree more bananas than this recipe needs, the three bananas called for in this recipe should yield 1 1/4 cups of puree. Combine that with your half-and-half and reserve the rest for another day.