Tiki Cocktails

The tiki bar craze is making a comeback: here are our favorite rum-infused concoctions.

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We based this rum cocktail on one from Ray Buhen's Tiki-Ti, a Los Angeles bar that opened in 1961.
Dark or white rum may be substituted for any of the rums in this recipe from LA's Tiki-Ti bar.
Freshly grated nutmeg rounds out the flavor of this shaken rum-and-citrus juice cocktail.
This alternative to rum and Coke uses lighter, brighter grapefruit soda, which lets the bold character of a pot-distilled English-style rum shine through.
"Trader Vic" Bergeron came up with this floral drink to showcase a 17-year-old gold Jamaican rum. Once all his bottles were gone, he re-created the drink's complex flavor by layering two very different rums in the same drink.
Pot-still Jamaican rum is redolent of ripe banana, so it's a natural combination with banana liqueur. Cinnamon syrup gives the drink a spicy depth.
Donn Beach, the founding father of tiki bars and restaurants, set a limit of two per customer for this potent drink made with three kinds of rum, citrus, and spice.
This version of a classic tiki drink mixes two kinds of rum with a variety of fruit juices and syrups.
A poolside classic, this blended coconut cooler is heightened with a splash of aromatic bitters.
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See the Recipe
With its deep, sweet mango flavor offset by coconut rum and bright lime juice, this slushy frozen daiquiri is perfect for any beachside getaway.
This throat-warming punch is a sophisticated take on the old-timey cold-season cure of tea dosed with Rock and Rye cordial.
The flavors of ruby port and cognac grow even more profound when fired up in this orange juice-laced drink.
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The mixologist at Bar Americain who gave us this recipe had one thing in mind when creating this cocktail: to come up with something tropical, refreshing, and—most importantly—loaded with tequila.
The daiquiri is said to have been invented in Cuba in 1898. The banana daiquiri, however, was apparently first concocted some 50 years ago at St. Thomas' Mountaintop bar in the U.S. Virgin Islands. See the recipe for Banana Daiquiri »
A fruity frozen daiquiri becomes dessert-like with the addition of heavy cream. Get the recipe for Beach Towel »
Agricole rum, made from fresh sugarcane, adds rich flavor to this frozen drink.
This bright, citrusy drink is from Fort Lauderdale's Mai-Kai.
This Jamaican-style daiquiri gets a kick from allspice liqueur and grated nutmeg.
Cinnamon adds warm spice to this frosty treat made with puréed pineapple.
This twist on a mojito combines pineapple- and coconut-infused rum with fresh pineapple and mint for a fruity, vacation-inspired drink.
This neon-hued curaçao punch features vodka, pineapple juice, and sour mix.
This refresher combines pineapple and mango juices with coconut and spiced rums.
Cardamom-lemongrass syrup lends a bit of Thai spice to a fresh cocktail made with rum and coconut.
This rummy tiki drink is adapted from the one served at Dragon 88 in West Boylston, Massachusetts. See the recipe for Dragon 88 Mai Tai »

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