Tired of the same old boring sandwich? SAVEUR magazine puts some pizazz into brown bag lunches with 10 fresh sandwich recipes for gourmet chicken salad, the muffuletta, avocado and goat cheese, and more.


Laura’s Mom’s Chicken Salad

Savory chicken salad gets a sweet kick from a generous dose of pickle relish in this Southern recipe, which comes from web editorial assistant Laura Sant’s mom. It’s perfect on soft rolls or white toast, and we particularly like it with good old Saltines. See the recipe for Laura’s Mom’s Chicken Salad »

California Sandwich

A version of a California classic, this sandwich is a healthy mix of vegetables, whole-grain bread, and Jack cheese, topped with ranch dressing. Get the recipe for California Sandwich »

Tomato Sandwich

This simple sandwich is a good way to use ripe summer tomatoes. Get the recipe for Tomato Sandwich »

Helen Corbitt’s Chicken Salad

Famed Texas cook Helen Corbitt created this rich chicken salad for the café menu at Neiman Marcus department stores in the 1950s. It’s delicious on toasted multigrain bread with lettuce and tomato.

Pulled Pork Italiano

DiNic’s, in Philadelphia, serves this sandwich of luscious wine- and herb-braised pulled pork, sharp provolone, and roasted long hot peppers.
A New Orleans staple, the hefty Muffuletta is an irresistible sandwich stuffed with layers of olive salad, meats, and cheeses.

Provençal Tuna Sandwich

Marinated artichokes and briny niçoise olives dot this Provençal-inspired tuna salad, paired with hard boiled eggs and roasted peppers for an easy, dressed-up sandwich. Get the recipe for Provençal Tuna Sandwich »

Ham and Hard-Boiled Egg Sandwich

Ham and eggs may be a breakfast classic, but they’re even better for lunch: try sliced or quartered hard-boiled eggs layered with a salty ham and a bit of mayo on a hearty white bread. Get the recipe for Ham and Hard-Boiled Egg Sandwich »

Elena Ruz (Cuban Turkey Tea Sandwich)

Commonly served during merienda (afternoon tea) in Cuba, this sandwich of turkey, jam, and cream cheese on a roll is sweet and savory all in one.Commonly served during merienda (afternoon tea) in Cuba, this sandwich of turkey, jam, and cream cheese on a roll is sweet and savory all in one.

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches

There’s no reason this tried-and-true combination needs to be limited to tea time. Make three or four of these paper-thin preparations of white bread topped with tangy, softened cream cheese and crisp cucumber slices, and call it a lunch.