Cognac Cocktails

A selection recipe for our favorite drinks using cognac and brandy.

Antebellum Mint Julep
Before the Civil War made foreign products hard to come by in the South, French cognac was the preferred liquor in a mint julep. See the recipe for Antebellum Mint Julep »Michael Kraus
Brandy Crusta
Invented in antebellum New Orleans, this citrus-kissed cocktail was a precursor to the sidecar. >See the recipe for Brandy Crusta »Michael Kraus
Brandy Snapper
This lightly floral, honey-sweetened drink comes from Frank Newman's 1907 book, American Bar. See the recipe for Brandy Snapper » Back to Cognac Cocktails »Michael Kraus
Improved Brandy Cocktail
Legendary bartender Jerry Thomas created this elegant, bittersweet cocktail in 1876; an update with a touch of absinthe keeps it lively. See the recipe for Improved Brandy Cocktail »Michael Kraus
New York Sour
Just a few ingredients add up to a complex whole in this Gilded Age cocktail, an ideal vehicle for a rich VSOP cognac. See the recipe for New York Sour Back to Cognac Cocktails »Michael Kraus
See the recipe for Pépa Cognac and Vodka Cocktail
Named for Pepa Bonafe, a French starlet of the 1920s, this cocktail combines brandy and vodka in one bracing drink. See the recipe for Pepa » Back to Cognac Cocktails »Michael Kraus