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5 Great Cake Tools

For towering, fluffy layer cakes with beautiful, even frosting, there are a few tools that make all the difference. Here, our 5 essentials for successful cake baking and icing. See our video technique for icing cakes »

Revolving Cake Stand

Cutting, leveling, and frosting round cake layers is so much easier with a turntable; get a high-quality one with a bit of weight so it spins smoothly. Ateco Revolving Cake Stand, $50 at

Bench Scraper

A standard bench scraper is perfect for smoothing out frosting on the sides of cakes; for round cakes with perfect sides, warm the tool in a little in hot water, dry it off, and hold it perpendicular to the cake as you spin it on the turntable. Bench scraper, $6.20 at Pastry Chef Central

Parchment Paper Rounds

Yes, you can cut parchment paper into circles to line the bottom of your cake pans, but buying them pre-cut is so much easier. Parchment Paper Rounds, $3.99 for 24 eight-inch rounds at The Brooklyn Kitchen

A Great Cake Knife

A sharp, serrated knife is essential for cutting layers and leveling the tops of cakes; get one that’s long enough to slice through the whole cake at once. _Ateco 14″ serrated cake knife, at

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