Winter Warmers

Toast the holidays with the planet’s steamiest cocktails

Kuhano Vino

In central Europe, winter parties are fueled by this mulled wine. A fruity red wine works best for this richly spiced punch, so try a bright-cherry merlot or a jammy syrah. See the recipe for Kuhano Vino »


Wassail gets its name from the Old Norse “ves heill” and Old English “was hál,” meaning “be fortunate,” which is how we feel when we drink it. Get the recipe for Wassail


On Greece’s Cyclades islands, this sweet, anise-flavored drink is said to boost libido.

Atholl Brose

In 1475 in the Scottish Highlands, the Earl of Atholl captured a rebel leader by spiking his well water with honey, whisky, and oatmeal. Lucky rebel. See the recipe for Atholl Brose »


At Christmas, Ecuadorians sip tea spiked with a sugarcane spirit called aguardiente.