10 Essential Spice Rubs for Your Grill and Roasts

Grilled meat and vegetables need an extra kick sometimes. Look no further

Spice-Rubbed Chicken With Duck Sauce

The fiery chile-based rub on this chicken is balanced by a basting of sweet-sour duck sauce. Get the recipe for Spice-Rubbed Chicken with Duck Sauce »

Giant Fennel-Chile-Rubbed Steak

This T-bone steak is grilled with a simple rub of ground fennel seeds, black peppercorns, and red chile flakes. Get the recipe for Giant Fennel-Chile-Rubbed Steak »

“A Little Jolt” Dry Rub

Coffee’s sweet, earthy flavor is perfect for ribs. Incorporate it into an otherwise traditional dry rub by finely grinding the beans. Get the recipe for “A Little Jolt” Dry Rub »

Chimayó Chile Rub

The key ingredient to this rub is Chimayó chile, an heirloom varietal that tastes slightly of curry powder, harvested in the town of Chimayó in New Mexico. Use it to help tenderize meat and give grilled flavors a jolt of spice. Get the recipe for Chimayó Chile Rub »

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More From the Modern Pantry

Iraqi Yellow Spice-Rubbed Chicken (Djaj Bil-Bahar Il-Asfar)

This fragrant spice-rubbed grilled chicken was a favorite of former SAVEUR Assistant Editor Felicia Campbell when she was deployed to Iraq.

Roasted Morel-Rubbed Chicken with Charred Lemon, Asparagus, and Potatoes

In this recipe, dried morels are pulverized and rubbed onto the chicken before roasting to perfume the bird and help produce evenly browned skin.

Pesto-Rubbed Chicken with Panzanella

Pesto genovese adds herbal brightness to this grilled chicken served over a toasted bread salad, but any flavor pesto will work.

Malabar Masala

This mixture of coriander, cumin, cloves, mustard seeds, and eleven other spices is wonderful sprinkled on grilled fish, dal, stews, and curries, or as an added seasoning in the spicy Indian snack known as hot mix.

Taste of 2016

Developed by spice expert and proprietor of La Boîte, this brightly flavored spice blend is nutty and sour, with a hint of acidity and the perfect amount of heat. Use it on roast duck, short ribs, beets, or grilled octopus. Get the recipe for Taste of 2016 »