Stir-Fried Chinese Rice Cakes with Pork Belly, Tomatoes, and Spinach (Dajiujia)

meat and vegetable dajuijia
Meat-and-vegetable-packed dajiujia is a perfect stir-fry to eat on its own.Josh Wand

This version of Yunnan’s most famous erkuai stir-fry comes from a restaurant called Golden Farm in the city of Tengchong. Other versions of the dish might use pea greens or cabbage in place of the spinach, or garlic chives in place of the scallions. Prepared Korean rice cakes are a close substitute for harder-to-source Yunnan-­style erkuai. While they can be thawed and added to stir-fries right from the bag, the rice cakes’ consistency will vary from brand to brand; if very firm and dry, blanch the rice cakes for 20–30 seconds, then place them in ice water until ready to use.

What You Will Need