The Best Splatter Screen for Frying Pans

Prevent sauce stains and grease burns with our favorite splatter screens

Eggs in a frying pan
Keep the mess to a minimum.Unsplash/Sarah Boudreau

If you spend any real time in the kitchen, one inevitability is that there will always be a task that makes a mess, whether it’s frying chicken, searing steak, or simmering soup. A good splatter screen is a foolproof way to keep sauce stains or grease burns to a minimum. Here are a few of our favorites for every kind of cook.

Stovetop Splatter Screen

Frywall Stovetop Splatter Guard
This splatter guard is inserted into the rim of the perimeter of the pan.Amazon

While it’s been awhile since Frywall’s stovetop splatter guard had its moment on “Shark Tank,” it’s still a must-have for home cooks. It couldn’t be easier to use: simply choose the diameter you need (it comes in 8, 10, 12, and 13 inches), then place the silicone around the perimeter of the pan. It’ll prevent splatters without obstructing access to whatever it is you’re cooking. Bonus: it’s dishwasher-safe and can be rolled up for compact storage.

Stainless-Steel Splatter Screen

OXO Good Grips Stainless-Steel Splatter Screen
Not only does the screen handle conveniently nest over the frying pan handle, but it also folds for easy storage.Amazon

For a more traditional splatter screen, look no further than this version from OXO. Made of perforated stainless steel, it allows for the food to breathe and prevents condensation. The splatter guard fits pans up to 13 inches wide, and features a fold-in handle for easy storage.

Nonstick Splatter Screen

Norpro Nonstick Splatter Guard
This screen acts as a tri-fold boundary for grease and sauce that would otherwise splatter onto your kitchen surfaces.Amazon

If you’re looking for even more splatter protection, Norpro’s nonstick splatter guard’s tri-fold standing screen is the way to go. Unfolded and positioned around the pot or pan, its tall panels will protect the backsplash, walls, counters—anything in the vicinity of the stove. The splatter guard’s nonstick finish makes for fuss-free cleanup, and you can fold the panels down for storage.