If Money Were No Object, Our Test Kitchen Director Would Buy This Meat Slicer

It doesn’t get better than the nearly $5,000 Berkel B2

Classic Berkel meat slicer sits behind the bar at Manhattan restaurant Buvette.
This classic Berkel meat slicer sits behind the bar at beloved Manhattan restaurant Buvette.Stan Horaczek

Available in glossy black or candy-apple red, this beauty boasts the style and swagger of a vintage sports car, with a manual flywheel cutting mechanism that deftly shaves paper-thin ribbons of cured meat. Berkel also manufactures electric versions, but ham aficionados favor the slow and smooth hand crank, which minimizes friction and subsequent overheating—­instant death for quick-melting pork fat. The B2 is pricey at $4,759 ($6,284 with a handsome matching pedestal). Then again, would you really want to subject a $400 leg of prosciutto di Parma to anything else? (theberkelworld.com)