Some people even like to sip it! If we were making a list of miracle ingredients, apple cider vinegar would most definitely be on it. Instead, here’s a list of the best apple cider vinegar for every use. From unfiltered to flavored, our favorite apple cider vinegar picks for cooking, pickling, even sipping.

That sediment at the bottom of the bottle may look a little strange, but don’t worry—it’s good for you! Amazon

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Unfiltered: Health-conscious cooks love this raw, organic apple cider vinegar because every bottle contains “The Mother,” that visible sediment made up of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Another bonus: Unfiltered vinegar stays fresh and retains its nutritional value for years.

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Sweetened: This raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar from New Zealand also contains “The Mother”—plus Manuka honey, a natural sweetener that can save you a step when whipping up salad dressings and sauces. It tastes so good, in fact, that we recommend mixing it with seltzer for a sweet-tart, non-alcoholic drink.

This household name is more than great ketchup. Amazon

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Economy-Sized: If you prefer your vinegar filtered, you can’t go wrong with Heinz’s apple cider-flavored option, which boasts a mild taste (for vinegar, anyway) and comes in bulk quantities (read: ideal for big pickling projects).

Packed with vitamin C and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Amazon

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ACV You Can Drink: This concentrated apple cider vinegar beverage is flavored with citrus, herbs, honey, ginger, horseradish, and more. Intended to boost immunity, for some, it’s a helpful pick-me-up when you’re feeling sluggish. Like most shrubs (as these vinegar-citrus mixers are known), this one’s best served with seltzer over ice.